AStA Department for Studies and Teaching established

A new department has been added to the Bonn AStA! At the SP meeting on 8th May, Simon Korswind (LP) was elected as the new department for studies and teaching. This was previously sought by the coalition and has now been realised.

The primary goal of the new department is to improve university teaching in Bonn.The first step is to identify and analyse potential problem areas.Subsequently, solutions will be sought in cooperation with the university in order to specifically improve the degree programme.

In addition, a comprehensive demands paper is being developed, which should contain central and structurally important points that affect many students.This requires good cooperation with the student representatives.In addition, a number of events are being planned in which the student public will be involved.

The new department is also responsible for individual problems relating to studying and teaching.The advice centre is accessible to all students free of charge and is particularly helpful with questions about examination law.