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The Sports Department manages the portion of your social contribution earmarked for sports autonomously and politically independently.
It cooperates closely with the University Sports Department and the Head of University Sports, Dr. Peter Preuss, in designing the range of sports on offer.
In addition, the AStA Sports Department organizes its own courses in martial arts and table soccer as well as all offered sports trips (surfing/skiing).
Twice a year, another sporting highlight is also organized in cooperation with university sports: the Dies Academicus. Every semester there is the traditional soccer championship, a (beach-) volleyball tournament and several other tournaments as well as many trial sessions to get to know different sports.
Ambition coupled with the athletic ability of the participants captivate many spectators. You are all cordially invited to join us at the sports facilities on Venusberg or in Römerstraße.
You or your team can register for the individual events on the University Sports website
The next Dies Academicus will take place on 04.12.2024.

Popular sports include soccer, basketball, volleyball and tennis courses, which take place on many dates during the week. Alternative sports courses ranging from autogenic training to martial arts of various disciplines and yoga are also offered to students.
There is also the opportunity to take part in a surfing course or obtain a sailing license. The courses are run by qualified and experienced instructors.
University Sports and the Sports Department offer the course program primarily for students at the University of Bonn. External interested parties can also take part in the courses by purchasing a semester card.

You can register for all sports courses online at - whether you have to pay for them or not. Access to all sports courses is via the student ID card or, if applicable, the purchased semester card.

AdH membership
The student body of the University of Bonn has been a member of the General German University Sports Association (ADH) since summer semester 2012.
This means that students at the University of Bonn who are enthusiastic about tournaments can take part in regional and national ADH tournaments and championships at a reduced price.
You can apply for financial and organizational support for such ADH competitions as well as for other tournaments at the AStA Sports Department (see documents below).

Obleute meeting
Each sport elects its own chairman/woman who is authorized to apply for material resources such as new rowing boats, gym mats, jerseys at the OV, as well as to decide on such applications and also on the competition support provided. The chairman/chairwoman is elected by the athletes for the respective sport for one year in the winter semester.
The aim is to enable as many students as possible to play good sport and take part in competitions. The chairpersons also help to elect the sports officers.

The next Obleute-Meeting will take place on 27.06.2024, 6:30 pm online. If you want to join please send us an E-Mail.

Important Documents:

application for travel expenses

assumption of costs for Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaft (DHM)

financial guide

application for competition costs