Department of political Education

Department of political education

Room 11 (Container)



Franziska Lenz

Head of department

Alex Münster


Attendance Times

We would like to try to participate in the political education of students and are working on a critical politicization of the student body. To this end, we organize lectures, seminars and film screenings, which are generally accessible free of charge.

In our work, we want to address topics that have no place in university training and thus counteract the educational character of German universities with critical political education. In contrast to other institutions of political education we do not only understand this as the making possible of election campaign appearances of German politicians*. Rather, we try to cover a broad field in our events and to underrepresented topics.

The Department for Political Education currently consists of Franziska Lenz and Alex Münster. If you have any questions or suggestions or want to meet with us in person, please feel free to contact us at our e-mail address

Our small collection of books is located within the larger library of the Queer-Department in room 10 (Container). Books may be borrowed during their office hours on tuesday and thirsday between noon and 6 p.m.

You can also find us on Instagram: PolBil_Bonn

upcoming events:

A lecture with Hannah Espín Grau: "violence by police officers - excessive police brutality and its reappraisal" on the 10th of July at 7 pm in lecture hall 14 in the universities main building (Regina-Pacis-Weg 3)
The lecture hall is only accesible by using stairs. If this is not possible for you, please contact us at and we'll find a solution!

filmed live events (on the AStA account on youtube):

Influencer - The ideology of the advertising body
book presentation and discussion with the author (

A country back in captivity - the military coup in Myanmar
lecture and dsicussion with Ohnmar Khin und Georg Bauer (