Department for FLINTA* and Equality

As an independent student body/ AStA department representing FLINTA* (women/female, lesbian, inter*, non-binary, trans*, agender) students of the University Bonn we confront sexism, discrimination regarding gender and sexual violence intersectionally.

What we do

We offer a wide spectrum of possibilities to deal with and discuss the question of gender equality and the current shortcoming of the answers we are offered, especially in but not limited to a university context. The goal of our work is to help students connect and stand up for their rights.

Some of our activities and tasks are:

  • We collect complaints and suggestions for improvements, regarding the situation FLINTA* students find themselves in – just contact us if something catches your eye
  • We offer support and consultations in cases of
  • We organize plenary meeting once a year where
  • We organize plena (department meetings) where we
  • We organize presentations, discussions and workshops
  • We organize evening events for FLINTA* students with
  • We connect and collaborate with other people and groups who work against discrimination
  • We curate our library full of feminist literature

You’d like to know more about our work and/or would like to get involved in the volunteer work of the AStA yourself? Just ask us when our next plenum is and join us. We’re looking forward to meeting you!