AStA - Room 10 (1st floor)



Gerrit Kehde

Head of Department



Anika Schreiner


Juli Schlingmann


Lutz Kastenholz


Alex Münster




Günter von Schenck


Logan Rabsch




Attendance Times

12:00 - 16:00


12:00 - 17:00


12:00 - 17:00


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Department Description

We are the representation of all queer students in the AStA of the University of Bonn towards the student self-administration, the university management and the lecturers. We see ourselves as responsible for all people who are marginalized because of their sexual, romantic and/or gender identity: lesbian, bi- and pansexual, gay, asexual and aromantic people, trans*, non-binary and genderqueer people, inter* people and all others whose label (or preference not to use one) is not shown here.

Our work is essentially based on two pillars: on the one hand, we provide political education on topics of sexual, romantic and gender diversity from an intersectional perspective, to which all interested parties are invited; on the other hand, we engage in community building with a variety of social events.

In more precise terms:

  • With peer-to-peer trans* and "Tell Mom" counseling, we provide confidential support for students with questions and problems. Advice can be given by email or in person.
  • We are particularly committed to reducing discrimination at the University of Bonn for students of all nationalities.
  • We organize lectures and theme evenings on queer topics.
  • We are a meeting place and social platform.
  • We organize our semester reception at the beginning of each semester to present our program and to network queer students. Our Queer Freshman Days also include a brunch and a stroll through the queer-scene in Cologne.

We are self-governing in our activities, which means that the annual Queer General Assembly of students determines the focus of our work.

Our office (room 10) is open during our attendance times as part of the coffee hour, but unfortunately only accessible via a staircase. The coffee hour is an informal meeting to exchange information, get to know each other and relax. During coffee hour, you can also borrow one of the many books or magazines from our media library (a whole shelf full of novels, travel guides, advice books, scientific and historical books, DVDs and comics), or pick up free monthly magazines.

You can find the department's current semester program on Instagram and on our website. Most events are announced with posts and our semester flyers. On our website you can register for our E-M@il newsletter, which you will receive together with the latest information before each event.

You are always very welcome!