Department of Faculty Student Councils


Paul Ludwig


Philipp Wippermann


Jan Theissen


Kristin Davidjan


Sven Zemanek


Pascal Weidenhammer


Lena Beckmann


Luc Augustin


Our job is the coordination of the student councils and representatives of the different university departments. In order to make their work more effective, we support them with their elections, welcome events, communications, public statements, and more. Additionally, we are making sure that each council receives its allocated student fees and is heard when necessary.

In order for this coordination and support to run smoothly, weekly conferences (FK) with student representatives of each department are held (each Monday during the lecture period from 7.07 pm in the Informatikzentrum and on Discord). For those unable to make it at all, we issue meeting minutes (the FID - Student Council Information Service) to each council. This way, we ensure that each faculty receives the latest information as soon and reliably as possible. Furthermore, we offer consultation-hours for individual advice at our office (on request) and irregular meetings with the rector or other university entities.

Besides this coordinating work, we also see to administrative tasks, such as the allocation of student funds, the adjustment of regulations, further training for the student representatives, etc. Finally, our department acts as an intermediary between the individual students, the General Students’ Committee (AStA), the Student Parliament (SP), the university administration and the faculty student councils.

We are a self-governing department, selected directly by the student councils, and therefore largely independent from political decisions and directives issued by the AStA, but nevertheless entitled to vote in its assembly. Despite not being bound by them, the AStA and the SP take the decisions of the faculty student council conferences seriously.

The Faculty Student Councils

Click here for a full list of the faculty student councils of the University of Bonn. Below are some basic information about their organisation:

Faculty Student Council (Fachschaft – FS)

Every student at our University is part of a Fachschaft and each Fachschaft is comprised of students from one field of study. The exact subdivisions of the student body are defined by the FK. Once per year, every Fachschaft elects either a body of representatives (Fachschaftsvertretung – FSV), that picks a Student Council (Fachschaftsrat – FSR), or an FSR directly. As voter turnout can be quite low depending on the Fachschaft, we ask you to inform yourselves and take part in the elections or maybe even the student council’s work, too. In some cases and in faculty student councils with few students, plenary meetings (Fachschaftsvollversammlung – FSVV) take place to vote on important decisions.

Fachschaftsvertretung (FSV)

For larger Fachschaften, the FSV is the representative body, that votes on general issues, the Student Council’s budget, and the members of the FSR. The number of elected representatives depends on the number of students in the Fachschaft.

Fachschaftsrat (FSR)

The Fachschaftsrat is responsible for the day-to-day tasks of the Fachschaft and handles the finances as provided by the FSV or FSVV. Services might include the organisation of first-year student support, educational events or materials, parties, consultation hours, coordination with other university bodies, mediation, and situational help. The many FSR meet regularly and welcome all students who are interested in their work or in contributing themselves – elected or not.