Department of Culture and Student Initiatives

News: During the lecture-free period (from 22.07.2024) there will be no consultation hours as usual. Individual appointments (also via Zoom) can be arranged as required. You can contact us at any time via our e-mail address.

The cultural plenary in summer semester 2024 will take place on 10.06.24 at 20.00 in lecture hall 8. Submit financial applications to our post bx at AStA at Endenicher Allee 19 by 22.05.2024.


Payment applications for summer semester 2023 can still be submitted in printed form until 02.08.2024.

Payment applications for winter semester 2023/2024 can still be submitted in printed form until 20.12.2024.Auszahlungsanträge für das Sommersemester 2023 können noch bis zum 02.08.2024 ausgedruckt eingereicht werden.

Department of Culture and Student Initiatives

Department of Culture and Student Initiatives

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Katharina Moss


Anna-Maria Szypulka

Deputy Referee

Lucas Kühn

Anna Kühn

Hannah Helbach

Project Kulturticket

Maren Pfeil

Project Kulturticket

Julian Wiltinger

Event management

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14:15 - 15:45


Information on the registration and re-registration of student groups in summer semester 2024:

The deadline for re-registration or new registration as a student group at the University of Bonn for the summer semester 2024 ends on April 10, 2024.

It is however also possible to register as a student group at the University of Bonn during the current semester. However, the group cannot apply for financial support in the current semester.

When registering as a new student group, please follow the instructions in the "Information sheet for founding a new student group". New registrations can be made via the AStA office (e-mail address:

Information on the cultural plenary for the summer semester 2023

Applications for payment can still be submitted until 02.08.2024.

Information on the cultural plenary in the winter semester 2023/2024:

Applications for payment from the Cultural Plenary for winter semester 2023/24 can be submitted to the Department of Culture until 20.12.2024.

Dear students,

Whether theater, music, art, readings, theme days, discussions and film evenings - Bonn is a great city to study in with a thriving university culture! In addition to your studies, there are numerous cultural, socio-political and intercultural activities in which you can develop personally and push yourself forward!

In order to ensure that as many students as possible can benefit from these offers and create them themselves, the cultural department of AStA of the University of Bonn already supports around 70 cultural groups and student initiatives.

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The Kulturticket

One of our projects, the Kulturticket, gives students discounted or even free admission to all participating theaters in Bonn. All you need to do is present your valid student ID.

>> You can find more information about the Kulturticket here!

>> Have you heard of kultick?

Cultural groups and student initiatives

Cultural groups and student initiatives can register at the beginning of each semester; information on this can be obtained from the office. This gives them the opportunity to apply for financial support, rent premises and advertise via the AStA display cases around the university and in the canteens.

The Cultural Department represents the affairs of student cultural groups and initiatives in the AStA and therefore endeavors to maintain regular contact with all groups. At regular meetings, the student cultural groups can gather ideas, exchange information and plan together.

You can find more information here.

Financial support from the student community

Each semester, the registered cultural groups and initiatives have a joint budget at their disposal from which they can apply for grants. Applications must be submitted to the Cultural Department by the deadline. The Cultural Department collects and checks the applications and submits them to the "Cultural Plenum". The cultural department convenes all registered cultural groups and initiatives to the "Kulturplenum" so that they can present their plans and jointly vote on the allocation and distribution of the requested funds..

Coming up

We are happy to inform and advise you about current offers, events and plans within the university culture - come by during our office hours or write to us by e-mail!