Support services for students from Bonn's welfare organisations


Carrier/ Department Facility Short Description Phone Number Email Website
Arbeiterwohlfahrt District Association Bonn/Rhein-Sieg e.V. Counseling and Care Education and Counseling Center Bonn 02241 969 24 - 25
Social and Counseling Center Siegburg 02241 969 24 - 29
Integration Assistance and Work AWO Residential Group 02241 866 857-58
Social Psychiatric Center
Early Childhood Elementary Education Specialist Consultation for Daycare Centers 02241 969 24 - 16
Daycare Centers and Family Centers
Supervised Schools e.V. - Education and School All-Day Schools (OGS) 02241 8957 - 200
Midday Supervision (ÜMI)
School Social Work and Offers for Secondary I
Federal Volunteer Service and FSJ
GeHa GmbH Electrical Equipment Testing 02241 969 24 - 0
Cleaning Services
RoBi gGmbH Inclusion Company 02241 145 39 - 40
School Canteens
Bistro and Central Kitchen
General Social Counseling Bonn General Social Counseling Rhein-Sieg Counseling on benefits under SGB XII, parental allowance, housing allowance,
SGB II or SGB III, Immigration Act, BAföG and
housing entitlement certificate
0228 850 277 - 88
02241 866 857 - 30
Housing Counseling / Housing Adaptation for Older, Disabled, and Dementia Patients in the Rhein-Sieg District for older, disabled, and dementia patients 02241 866 857 - 20
Pregnancy Counseling Counseling for pregnant women/couples, 0228 850 277 70
Pregnancy conflict counseling, sexual and
partnership counseling
Migration Counseling for Adult Immigrants For new immigrants and people with 0228 850 277 - 52
or - 58
migration background over 27 years old, topics: integration and language courses, education, career,
residence and social matters
Youth Migration Service Support for young people with 0228 850 277 - 51
migration history aged between 12 and 27 years, topics: language acquisition,
support in finding internships and jobs
as well as with official matters

Department Esperanza Pregnancy and Father Counseling Counseling for pregnant women up to the child's 3rd year of life.
Father counseling, couple counseling
0228 108 258

Department Esperanza Children's Shop Second-hand items "around the child" up to the age of 3 as well as maternity clothing. For citizens with a Bonn ID, student ID, items are half price. 0228 108 258
Parenting Counseling Counseling for parents, children, adolescents, and young adults (up to 21 years old) for family and individual problems, crises, and conflicts. 0228 223088 Family Counseling Center Caritas Bonn (
Network Child Day Care in Bonn Counseling, placement, and practical support for day care providers 0228 6296100
Bike Station The Bike Station Bonn is the contact point for everything related to bikes. Services: parking and charging (e-)bikes – open 362 days a year! Rental and repair of rental bikes, pedelecs, tandems, and bike trailers, as well as refurbished bikes for sale. 0228 9814636
Bikehouse Sale of refurbished men's, women's, and children's bikes, as well as parts and accessories at affordable prices. Bike repairs. 0228 676479
Department Integration and Migration - Migration and Procedure Counseling Migration counseling for adults (27 years and older)
Counseling for refugees and asylum seekers Counseling for people without residence status Psychosocial center for refugees
0228 267 17 0 Specialist Department for Integration and Migration Caritas Bonn – House Mondial (
Department Poverty and Secure Existence Social Counseling Social counseling service

Department Poverty and Secure Existence Emergency Energy Assistance Counseling for people who are in need due to the energy crisis, can only be granted for year-end or consumption bills.
Offer valid until 31.12.2023
0228 108 337
Department Poverty and Secure Existence Neighborhood Management Support with questions and problems concerning children, adolescents, and families.
Counseling for immigrants about language courses and participation in social life in Pennenfeld. Contact point for topics related to neighborhoods, leisure, and life in Pennenfeld.
0228 22742 442
0228 22742 441
Service Center Central contact point of the Bonn Caritas Association for those seeking help and for information about the Caritas Association and its facilities 0228 108 0
Work Counseling Center Support for unemployment benefits I or II, in case of impending
unemployment, return to work, labor exploitation, and career orientation.
Department Outpatient Addiction Assistance Addiction Outpatient Clinic Cooperation project with the DW - see DW data

Department Outpatient Addiction Assistance
Klinik im Wingert
Cooperation project with the DW - see DW data

Department Outpatient Addiction Assistance Diamorphinambulanz Cooperation project with the DW - see DW data

Department Outpatient Addiction Assistance update Cooperation project with the DW - see DW data

Department Outpatient Addiction Assistance Villa Noah

Department Social Psychiatry Social Psychiatric Center with Contact and Counseling Center For people with mental impairments and
psychological disabilities.
0228 68826 0
Department Homeless Assistance Accommodation for homeless men 0228 9853 2 0
0228 98532 210
Department of Life and Living, Division of Outpatient Care Care consulting, basic and treatment care for the elderly and sick people, family care 0228 473782
0228 213439
0228 957250
0228 6884830
Department of Life and Living, Inpatient Care Marienhaus Nursing Home, Sebastian-Dani Nursing Home, Herz-Jesu Monastery Nursing Home in Ramersdorf 0228 7257 0
0228 91509 0
0228 97197 0
Caritas Association for the City of Bonn e.V.
in cooperation with the Diaconal Work
Debt Counseling Counseling on debts and private insolvency, etc. 0228 96 96 60
Railway Mission The Railway Mission offers a point of contact at the station for people in acute need of advice and help. 0228 632035
Caritas Association for the City of Bonn e.V.
(jointly sponsored by Caritas & Diaconal Work)
Robin Good Family fund of Caritas and Diaconal Work in Bonn and the region. Support for children, adolescents, and their families living in poverty. Individual aid: subsistence benefits, e.g., for food, furniture, clothing, heating/electricity. Aid for education, social participation, health, and social development (e.g., club memberships, subsidies for holiday trips, etc.). 0228 108-0
0228 22808-0

The Paritätische Circle Group Bonn profamilia Counseling on pregnancy and birth 0228 3380000
AsA Ausbildung statt Abschiebung e.V.
0228 9691816
kombabb Kompetenzzentrum NRW Information and Counseling Center for Disability, Studies, and Career e.V. 0228 94748512
Pauke Outpatient Counseling for Addiction 0228 97531716
VfG Homelessness, Drugs, and Addiction 0228 985760
Help for Women in Need Women's Shelter, Women's Counseling Center 0228 232434
Familienkreis Support for Young Families 0228 18464204
DKSB German Child Protection Association 0228 766040
Self-Help Contact Center Counseling and Referral to Self-Help Groups 0228 94933317
KOPS Contact Office for Caregivers Self-Help for Caregivers 0228 94933344

Diaconal Work Bonn and Region - gGmbH Corporate Headquarters Corporate Headquarters for General Information 0228 22808-0
Diaconal Work Bonn and Region - gGmbH Division of Outpatient Addiction Assistance (jointly sponsored by Caritas & Diaconal Work) Addiction Outpatient Clinic Addiction Counseling Center for Bonn and Bad Godesberg. Counseling, treatment, and support for people aged 21 and older with problems related to alcohol, illegal drugs, medications, and gambling addiction, aiming for a health-conscious lifestyle. 0228 289-700
Specialist Office for Addiction Prevention - Child, Youth, and Parent Counseling
Facility for children, adolescents, young adults up to 21 years old, and their caregivers. Individual support. Information about alcohol, illegal drugs, and addictive behaviors (e.g., handling electronic media). Support in overcoming personal difficulties. Guidance on the path to a self-determined life. Outpatient Flexible Help for Parenting according to SGB VIII. 0228 688588-0 (update)
0228 688 588-90
(Outpatient Flexible Help)
Klinik Im Wingert Daycare Rehabilitation Facility/Specialist Clinic for people dependent on alcohol, medications, and illegal drugs to overcome addiction. 0228 289-700
Central Debt Counseling Bonn Information on statutory benefits for indebted and garnished individuals. Review of submitted documents and joint development of solutions. Negotiations with creditors. Joint preparation for the initiation of insolvency proceedings. 0228 969660 /
Diaconal Work Bonn and Region - gGmbH Division of Outpatient Addiction Assistance (jointly sponsored by Caritas & Diaconal Work & University Hospital Bonn) Diamorphine Outpatient Clinic Offer for people who have been dependent on opiates for a very long time. Medical, psychiatric, internal, and psychosocial treatment, individual psychosocial care, as well as outreach and accompanying assistance. 0228 28722143
Diaconal Work Bonn and Region - gGmbH Division of Health & Care Outpatient Psychiatric Center (AMR/AT) Accompaniment in returning to (professional) life, e.g., in carpentry, office area, and household management. 0228 22808-0

Elisabeth-von-Thadden-Haus Social and medical rehabilitation facility for adults with mental illnesses or with a dual diagnosis (mental illness and addiction). 0228 914720

Outpatient Assisted Living (BeWo) Support for people with a mental illness, people who are also addicted, and people with intellectual disabilities in balancing independent living and the desire for care. Support in self-determined living in their own apartment. 0228 914720

Guardianship Association Legal guardianship services. Support for relatives and volunteer legal guardians in all matters of legal guardianship. Advice for people who want to make provisions for guardianship. 0228 22721910
Diaconal Work Bonn and Region - gGmbH Division of Adults District Offices
Community Social Counseling
Community-based social counseling in Tannenbusch, Medinghoven, and Brüser Berg.
District work. Homework assistance. Community-based social counseling (in cooperation with the evangelical church congregations of Bornheim, Meckenheim, Rheinbach, and Swisttal).
Diaconal Work Bonn and Region - gGmbH Division of Adults Refugee Work Facilitation of encounters and participation in the Bonn church district, in Bad Godesberg, as well as in Alfter, Bornheim, Meckenheim, Rheinbach, and Swisttal. Networking: Meetings between volunteers from the communities and refugees, as well as encounters with other social groups. Assistance for refugees from Ukraine. 0173 5792684
Flood Relief Team Mobile flood relief team for Swisttal, Rheinbach, and Meckenheim to support the victims of the flood disaster (07/2021). 0228 22808-39
Neighborhood Center Brüser Berg Social and cultural center and meeting place for all citizens. Social services and counseling. Courses on education and exercise. Strengthening civic engagement, culture and creativity, intercultural togetherness, and self-help. 0228 298096
Bonn Station Mission Humanity and help on platform 1 at Bonn main station. A place of rest, contact point, lifeline, meeting place. Contact persons for questions, concerns, and problems, and support with boarding or alighting from trains. 0228 632035
KoKoBe (Coordination, Contact, and Counseling and Peer Counseling) Coordination, contact, and counseling and peer counseling. Support for people with intellectual disabilities. 0228 2280838
Diaconal Work Bonn and Region - gGmbH Division of Children/Youth at School The Division of Children/Youth at School includes integration assistance, open all-day schools, or full-day schools as well as the family support service (see below).

Family Support Service Meckenheim Relief for families with children with disabilities. Diversion from everyday life for the children. 0163 91628 87
Marie-Baum-Haus Residential rehabilitation for young people (from 15 years old) with mental illnesses. 0228 22721919
Outpatient Youth Services Healing and social pedagogical family support for children, adolescents, and young adults and their families with or without a physical or intellectual disability, a threatened disability, or a mental illness. Intensive socio-pedagogical individual case assistance.
Parenting support. Accompanied parenthood.
0228 22721912
Protestant Counseling Center for Pregnancy, Sexuality, and Prenatal Diagnostics (EVA) Support from birth, pregnancy conflict counseling, prenatal diagnostics, sexuality, pregnancy counseling, confidential birth. 0228 2272-2425

DRK District Association Bonn e. V. Migration Counseling Migration counseling / regional refugee counseling / return and perspective counseling. The migration services area of the DRK District Association Bonn includes counseling services for asylum seekers, refugees, people with and without residence status, tolerated persons, migrants with a perspective to stay, as well as late repatriates. Migration Counseling:
0228 983117
Regional Refugee Counseling: 0228 983130 or 983118
Return and Perspective Counseling: 0228 983138 or 983118
Search Service Search service advisors support people who have been separated from their loved ones due to armed conflicts, disasters, flight, displacement, or migration. We help to search for relatives, reconnect them, and reunite families. 0228 983130
Debt Counseling The debt counseling center informs and advises on all debt and insolvency issues. 0228 983176
Clothing Shop in Bad Godesberg The clothing shop is run by volunteer DRK helpers. By purchasing clothes from the shop for a small fee, the statutory work of the DRK district association Bonn e. V. is supported. 0228 85077410
Family Education Center The DRK in Bonn offers a diverse program for families and all people in our diverse society. In family education, we primarily want to strengthen families in their parenting and health skills. Our offer is aimed at parents in a phase of life where many changes occur. Fathers and mothers receive suggestions and impulses for life with their children, leading to more calm and security in everyday life. 0228 983136
First Aid Courses Courses on Basic First Aid, First Aid Refreshers, First Aid for Children,
First Aid courses in English, First Aid for
Sports Groups, Early Defibrillation, Emergency Training/Special Courses
0228 983151 or
0228 983149
Neighborhood Management August-Macke-Viertel The neighborhood office serves as a contact point for citizens and as a meeting place for initiatives in the quarter.
The goal is to strengthen the existing self-help potential, prevent loneliness and isolation, and at the same time increase the attractiveness of living in the district.
0228 18034334

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