Diaper Money

Who can apply for the diaper money?

Students at the University of Bonn who are parents of one or more children under the age of six and who do not meet the personal requirements for receiving benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (Section II BAföG) and do not receive the DAKA loan or the KfW student loan are eligible to apply.

Eligible to receive the benefit is any person entitled to apply who, after deduction of the rent obligation in the amount of up to 600 EUR, as well as costs for health insurance in the amount of up to another 150 EUR, permanently (longer than three months) remains less than 1/3 of the BAföG maximum rate to cover living expenses per month.

Eligibility to apply must be proven by presenting the currently valid student ID, a valid ID card, passport or residence permit, and the child's birth certificate. To prove eligibility for the diaper allowance, the student's own bank statements for the last three months must be submitted. Other documentation to be submitted includes loan agreements, the lease agreement, and proof of income, as well as justification of need.

How much diaper money do I receive?

The applicant receives a one-time payment of 200.00 EUR per child, which is paid out in one lump sum. The diaper money is generally granted once per semester and, as a rule, not more than twice during the course of study.

Where do I apply for the diaper money?

The eligibility to apply and receive the benefit is checked by the AStA chair. To do so, fill out the application form and attach the required documents.

You can send the documents to vorsitz@asta.uni-bonn.de via mail.