F1 computer advice

Computerberatung [F1]


Stephan A.

Attendance Times

11:30 - 13:30 (during vacations until 13:00)


On 09.07.24 the computer consultation will not take place due to holidays!

Attention, please do not use the email form on this page at the moment, as it may only simulate successful sending. Therefore, simply use your own email program or the email page of your provider.

The face-to-face consultation always takes place on Tuesdays. In addition, outgoing telephone and email support as well as remote maintenance is also possible on all other days.

Brief description

We offer the following free support for students at the University of Bonn:

Purchase advice:

  • Buying a computer: New or used?
  • How can models affected by planned obsolescence be recognized and avoided in order to be able to rely on favorable sustainability instead? Why is it generally a mistake to buy a new notebook IN THE SHOP?
  • To what extent can I still upgrade my old computer and what do I need to bear in mind?
  • Where can I get new and used hardware and software as cheaply as possible?

Repairs and problem solutions:

Free troubleshooting, repairs and upgrades for all hardware and software problems.

You can also drop by with your problem device and we will get down to business together. We recommend that you notify us by email. However, you can also drop by spontaneously at the specified times. Don't forget your power supply!

In addition to hard disks, we can also recover data from other storage media. Ideally bring USB sticks or external hard disks for all data recoveries.