What is the "Freitisch":

With the "Freitisch", we provide students who are in financial need with the opportunity to eat in the dining halls of the Studierendenwerk Bonn for free.

The "Freitisch" cards are valid for one entire semester (01.10.-31.03. or 01.04.-30.09.). You can apply for various semesters in a row.

What does the "Freitisch" include?

Freitisch recipients can receive the following meals per day/per person Monday through Friday (except holidays):

1. One breakfast consisting of a maximum of two sandwiches as offered and one hot beverage.

2. One lunch consisting of one main component according to the offer, a maximum of three secondary components according to the offer as well as a drink, alternatively use of an offer of the food truck together with a drink,

3. afternoon use of a savory or sweet cafeteria offering plus a beverage.

Who is eligible to receive the Freitisch:

You are eligible to receive the Freitisch if you are studying at the University of Bonn and do not receive BAföG.

You are entitled to receive the benefit if, after deducting your rent obligation of up to 450 EUR and your health insurance costs of up to 120 EUR, you have less than 40% of the BAföG maximum rate left for your living expenses in the previous month and month of application.

How do I apply for the Freitisch?

In order to receive the Freitisch, you must submit your currently valid student ID, your currently valid personal ID and your bank statements for the current month and the previous month.

Applications should be sent by mail to: